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Camping in Benidorm


Camping Safety


▪▪ Secure necessary permits to build a campfire.
▪▪ Locate campfire a safe distance from tents, trees, or buildings.
▪▪ Scrape away grass and needles within a 10-foot diameter.
▪▪ Be sure campfire is out before leaving the area.
▪▪ Wear snug fitting clothing around campfires.
▪▪ Supervise children closely around a campfire.
▪▪ Teach everyone to stop, drop, and roll.


▪▪ Buy only a flame-resistant tent.
▪▪ Clear a 3-foot area around tent site.
▪▪ Keep lanterns and open flames outside of the tent.
▪▪ Extinguish fires and turn off lanterns and stoves before going to bed.
▪▪ Keep a fire extinguisher inside the tent.
▪▪ Be prepared to cut your way out of the tent if a fire occurs.