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Benidorm Theme Park


Terra Mitica

This theme park is relatively new, having been inaugurated in 2000 and proposing an ambitious project of making it the spot to let your imagination go wild. This park in English is called‘ Mythical Park’ and clearly lives up to it. Here, anybody and everyody travels back to the legendary civilixations that lived in the Mediterranean, back to where Spain’s civilisation began, rewarding you with such attractions such as the Secrets of the Pyramids, the Minotaurus Labyrinth and the Great Odyssey Trip. The live shows are action packed with Roman, Egyptian and Greek heroes, reliving famous battles right in front of your eyes, showing us how brave they really were. Your adrenaline will be pumping fast with all the professional actors making ancient life so close to you. If you recover a little after watching one of these gladiator shows, then you can use your bravery to ride on one of the topsy-turvy roller coasters or any of the many other attractions there. But the best part of it all, is that almost every year, new shows and attractions are introduced, so that if you make your holiday spot Benidorm during various consecutive summers, you will always be surprised. Terra Mitica is open from April to November. The entrance fee is approximately 40 euros adults and 25 for kids ( 5-10 ) and retired folks older than 60, but if you go in groups consult prices. There are also two day and season passes. You can buy these tickets at banks, the artment store El Corte Ingles, authorised kiosks and at the gate at the theme park. It is found just five minutes north of Benidorm, easily accessible by bus or car.